• Jessie: I'm trying to think if it's just us or is it every season. Like, I thought I would be on a side and there's two sides that go after each other but here everyone just tells everyone everything.
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Now that Alex is a “free agent,” what’s going on with Owen?

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Andy fucked up by winning that veto. He’ll end up keeping his nominations the same, which means if Jessie leaves this week, he’s lost a jury vote for sure because he’s lying to her & she’ll be wayyyy bitter that he blindsided her.

Only way of Jessie staying is if Helen/Aaryn/Elissa realize that for their own game, it’s better for her to stay. But with this cast going with whatever the HOH/Majority wants, they probably won’t want to “make waves" & will just do as they are told. Gosh this cast is just so predictable /frustrating/

They really must hate me. Must be doing something right.

sassy jessie <33

Gail Peck in For Better, For Worse

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Alexandra Udinov + season one quotes (part 3)

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Amanda said that Judd told her to take out Jessie next when he was leaving. Can anyone confirm this or is she just lying?

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Judd only has himself to blame for his eviction. He was warned by Candice, Elissa & Jessie but he just ignored them because he assumed his alliance was loyal to him. Jessie was the only person who was actually loyal to him but he screwed her over so many times, especially earlier today with their fight. I’m glad he got evicted because he got to see how much he fucked up in his game. The one person he should of trusted, he threw under the bus, several times while he put his loyalty to a group that stabbed him in the back.

I’m hoping that Julie was hinting at them bringing back a house guest. Pretty sure if America got to vote, they’d bring back Judd. I would be fine with that cause he’d be out for BLOOD & that would just be effin awesome.

Now I just need Jessie to chill out & win this HOH. She doesn’t have Judd to freak her out anymore & if she gets HOH, she’s the only one who’s willing to  ACTUALLY make a big move. Hopefully all of Candice’s pep talk didn’t go to waste!!!!

In the Jury House

  • Judd: ....hey Candice
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